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Myanmar Trip 1 (MY1)

information, details and price

MY 1

6 days / 5 night 19 dives

Caven Point, Shark Cave, Black Rock, North Twin, Seafan Forrest, Western Rocky, Volcano etc..


Price 35.000,- THB Standard cabin

Price 38.000,- THB Master cabin 

Trip details

Day 1: Meeting time in our Dive Shop 12.00 where we will have time to try equipment before we go to our boat. Before departure comes the Thai emigration on board and will stamp us out of Thailand. Then the boat will take us to Kaw Thoung where we will get visa for Burma. Then it's departure to the first dive site High Rock. If we are in good time there will be opportunity for a night dive.

Day 2: 1 dive at High Rock which is one of the best Macro spots. Here we can find all the special things like Pipefish, Pineapple Fish, Frogfish, Sea Horses and many different species of Nudibranchs. 1 dive at “little” Tower Rock. Afternoon and night dive at Shark Cave which can be a very special experience ... Opportunity to see Grey Reef shark, Nurse Shark (and they are big…) and a lots of small things like Sea Horses, Frogfish, Ghost Pipefish and...

Day 3: Black Rock is a small rock out in open sea. Here we are going for big stuff, like Sharks, Rays, Whale Shark, Eagle Ray and whatever is passing… Normally we will stay here the whole day.

Day 4: We start out with 2 dives at North Twin Plato and 1 dive at North twin Reef. Night dive at South Twin. Before the night dive we will find a bounty beach where we can get some sand between our toes. Chance to see Manta Ray, Eagle Ray, Whale Shark, Grey Reef Shark, Nurse Shark and lots of small things…

Day 5: 1 dive at Seafan Forrest and 3 dives at Western Rocky. Western Rocky which is one of the best dive sites in Burma. One of the highlights is a tunnel (cave) at 20 meters depth that goes all the way through the island. There are good chances of seeing Bowmouth Guitar Fish, Whale Shark, Various shark species Harlequin Shrimp, Frogfish and Sea Horses and a lot of lobsters… Chance to see Manta Ray, Eagle Ray, Whale Shark, Grey Reef Shark, Nurse Shark, Zebra Shark and giant Sea Fans...

Day 6: The first dive goes into a volcano where a group of black tip sharks likes to hang around… If we are allowed we will take a dive at the Bird's Nest which is a giant cave which is only accessible underwater. After the last dive we will head back toward Kaw Thoung where there will be opportunity for shopping. Once we got our passports back by the Burmese authorities, we will sail back to Thailand where we get a new visa.