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Thailand Trip 1 (TH1)

information, details and price

TH 1

4 days / 3 night 11 dives

Surin Island, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock


Price 20.000,- THB Standard cabin

Price 22.000,- THB Master cabin 

Trip details

Day 1: Meeting time in our Dive Shop 13.00 where we will have time to try equipment before we go to our boat. We will leave from Ranong around 16.00. It’s also possible to get picked up at Koh Phayam around 19.00. After everybody is on board we will leave to Surin Island.

Day 2: The first day will be concentrated around Surin Island. We will start out at Koh Chi in the north of Surin Island and go down to the southern part of Surin Island where we will make 2 quite enjoyable drift dives… After the third dive we will have time to visit the Sea Gypsies on Surin Island. The night dive will be around 20.00. There is an opportunity to see Jenkins Stingray, Guitar Fish, Turtles, Reef Sharks, Humphead Parrotfish, Manta Ray, Eagle Ray, Sailfish etc.. Surin Island is the place in Thailand with the biggest variation of underwater life. After dinner the boat will leave to Koh Bon.

Day 3: At Koh Bon we will make 2 dives, one at the island and one at Koh Bon Pinnacle. The main attraction here is Manta Rays and there can be many… There is also a very good chance for Whale Shark and lot of Zebra Sharks. After playing with Manta’s we will go to Koh Tachai Pinnacle which also provides great opportunity for Manta and Whale Shark. After the night dive, it's time for barbecue...

Day 4: Richelieu Rock can be described as a big aquarium. Here we find more or less everything … It’s also one of the places in Thailand where you will have the biggest chance to see Whale Shark. We will make 3 dives here before we are heading back to Ranong. We will arrive on Koh Phayam around 18.00 and Ranong 20.30.